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Live data feed infoReal-time synchronization of data from each connected source.checkcheckcheckcheck
Document view infoRead documents using our interactive preview and navigation features.checkcheckcheckcheck
Entity view infoSummarize documents, tables and data series by entity.checkcheckcheckcheck
Board view infoAggregate relevant content in customizable boards.1 board / user5 boards / user10 boards / user20 boards / user
Smart search infoSearch for content using smart suggestions and dynamic filters.checkcheckcheckcheck
Bookmark infoHighlight, tag, and save important content into your personal notebook.checkcheckcheckcheck
Automate infoSet automated logic to boost your collaborative workflow.1 rule / user10 rules / user20 rules / user40 rules / user
Content summary infoOrganize sparse content into structured metadata fields.Limitedcheckcheckcheck
Content detection infoAutomatically identify extractable content.Limitedcheckcheckcheck
Data series view infoVisualize content in charts and graphs.LimitedLimitedcheckcheck
Notification infoReceive alerts for relevant topics that you follow.DailyReal-timeReal-timeReal-time
Download document infoDownload documents to your device offline.1 per month100 per month1,000 per month2,000 per month
Extract table infoIdentify and extract tables from files into a spreadsheet.10 per month1,000 per monthUnlimitedUnlimited
Export metadata infoExport metadata results into a spreadsheet.100 results10,000 results50,000 results200,000 results
Content upload infoIntegrate your own content with our platform.check
Advanced search infoSearch everything in your entire account, including text, tables, tags, and images.check
Dedicated workspace infoCollaborate with your team in a single workspace.check
Listed company coverage infoAccess market data, company reports and regulatory filings of listed companies.checkcheckcheckcheck
Macro transaction coverage infoAnalyze markets using top-down transactional data.check
Retail spending coverage infoAnalyze companies and brands using real-time online sales data.240 USD / brand / month
Self-served knowledge base infoFind any tutorials, guides and articles on anything you need about Wizpresso.checkcheckcheckcheck
Email & phone support infoGet support with a customer success manager.checkcheckcheck
One-on-one training infoIn-depth training for every member of your team to help you get the most out of Wizpresso.check
Dedicated customer success manager infoGet an appointed specialist to assist with all of your account's needs.check
Audit log infoSee who logged in when and from which IP address.check
Document digitalization infoTransform physical documents into digital format (limit applies).check
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